Meeting Minutes

November 21, 2019

The November 21, 2019 meeting of Logan Square Preservation was called to order at 7:06pm by President Andrew Schneider. 12 board members were present and 5 new members were welcomed.

The minutes of the previous meeting (September 2019) were approved with one correction from Kerry clarifying that the Letter of Intent for the Grace Church project was referred to the board for discussion.

Election Results

OFFICERS:  President - Andrew Schneider     Vice President - Jaime Szubart     Treasurer - Bruce Anderson     Secretary - William Bennett

Board of Directors (11 elected)

  Vicki Logan - Michelle Warner - Elizabeth Blasius - Betsy Elsaesser - Shana Liberman - John Parizek - Heidi Thornton - Ron Kaminecki - Steve Isakson - Josh Gartler - Kate Slattery

Outgoing board members Kerry Shintani, Barnaby Wauters, Steve Niketopolous and outgoing Vice President John Concannon were thanked for their service.

Topics of Discussion

Election Recap (Andrew Schneider) – Discussed the results of the October election.  We had a record turnout of 283 votes cast in the most spirited campaign in LSP history.
Board Meeting Recap - Several new committees were authorized at the November board meeting including ad hoc Housewalk, Finance, and a Committee on Committees that will review our current committee structure and propose improvements.
A new email system was unveiled by Steve Isakson to improve LSP communications, and a draft budget is in the works.
The Grace Church contract was signed and the project is moving forward with an initial anonymous donation of $60,000 for masonry restoration.
The new stock donation program set up by Khloe Karova is now operational.
The Hollander Building proposal was presented by Mitch Goltz of GW Properties and discussed by members after Q&A.


Bruce Anderson discussed the fund accounting system used for LSP and stated 60% of dues come from sustaining members. The comfort station is in need of repairs and the major renovations would be the responsibility of the City of Chicago and minor renovations the responsibility of LSP. Barnaby suggested assessing the needs of the Comfort Station with CS staff. A discussion ensued with Q&A on LSP finances and accounting methods. Several suggestions for improvement were offered and a proposal that the treasurers report be sent with the minutes in a meeting announcement was referred to the board for decision as to how to convey this information.

Committee Reports

Preservation & Restoration (Kate Slattery) – Presented an extensive report available as a separate attachment and on the LSP website.
John Parizek noted that the zoning change for 2711 Washtenaw was denied by the city.
Barnaby noted that the Minnekirken will receive $250k from the City of Chicago for façade restoration and the Minnekirken will become a landmarked building.
Beautification (Shana Liberman) – Shana reported that the tree planting on Logan Blvd was a success with 23 trees being planted by 65 volunteers in conjunction with Open Lands. Another tree planting is planned for 2020. The Boys & Girls club pocket park needs to have maintenance worked out. Architects are working on designs for the old Orchard plot at the corner of Logan and Milwaukee.
Marcy reported that the recent meetup was a success and is planning an historic bar tour. The xmas party plans were announced for Dec 8.
Comfort Station (Sara Slawnik) –  Announced Comfort Station received a $50k grant from the MacArthur foundation for an exchange program with artists from Brazil. The annual fundraising dinner is scheduled for March 23, details TBA.
Archival - Matt noted a few new Archival committee purchases. John Parizek donated a photo of former alderman Vilma Colom and former governor Rod Blagojevich

Old Business

The Snow removal program is underway
The newsletter group is working on a new issue that will include historic cookbook recipes. Improvements and online access are progressing.
The Taste of Norway is 11/23 from 10-3
The meeting was adjourned at 9:06p