Logan Square Preservation

Meeting Minutes March 19, 2020

NO MEETING WAS HELD DUE TO CORONAVIRUS STAY AT HOME ORDERS. The following reports were sent by email to members.

Presidents Report- The Grace Church masonry work is ready to resume on the front of the building as soon as the weather permits, and the Chicago Park District has expressed interest in partnering with the church to program there. In other grace news, The Grace Furniture project continues to crawl ahead with the developer looking for an ordinance to declare the blue line access area as a public way.

Committee Reports

Preservation & Restoration-

  1. 2551 Milwaukee (dispensary) - there was an alderman’s meeting last week on Wednesday. The P&R committee submitted that we are in favor of the zoning change because the business has agreed to many upgrades and restorations of the facade. We are still negotiating details with the business leaders around their signage and front door.
  2. 2414 Kedzie (old Kriya Temple) - We received a request to review a very loose plan to convert the building into 10 condo units (zoning change from RS-3 to RS-4). By right, at RS-3 a developer could build 6 condos. We declined to support the zoning change, in favor of lower density, larger units, and a different developer with more experience in historic properties, and most importantly, because the building is part of a larger R-3 district, and a higher zoning would have problematic implications for many nearby historic properties.
  1. 2708 California - A local Logan Square couple are planning to open a dog behavioral clinic. They need a zoning change from B-1 to B-3. We are in support of the zoning change if the owner can commit to restoring the building facade (there is currently some unsightly masonry on the bottom half of the building front which is not in line with the historical building or the neighborhood).
  1. 2831 Diversey - This is the Range Design site. We are still in discussions, and still officially opposed, but since they demolished the original structure, there will be a public meeting for neighbors and community to discuss. Obviously, the date and format of that discussion is TBD.
  1. 3601 Diversey - Currently or formerly a funeral home on the south west corner of Diversey and Central Park. P&R is opposed to the proposal because it calls for a demolition of the current structure.
  2. 3520 Diversey - This is a mixed-use building with a store front on the first floor, an apartment on the second floor, and a studio space, likely for Airbnb rental, in the back of the first floor. The current owner is looking to open a coffee shop and vintage/consignment store in the first-floor storefront. They are also looking for a wine and beer license. They will only be open until 10pm. P&R is still in discussions about how the owner can best maintain and restore the building’s facade and generally in favor of a small business owner opening a community-oriented business in an otherwise empty storefront. This will also protect the lot next door which has had a few bad proposals on it already.
  3. P&R Development - We have a new member, Nicole Duran. Also, we are working with Steve I to sort out the best way to post projects like the above to the website directly.

Beautification-the garden at the boys and girls club is progressing, the tree planting project is currently under review

Comfort Station- The Comfort Station has suspended all programming until further notice. This includes our major fundraising dinner which was scheduled at Lula for April 6. We issued this news via an eblast, social media, and it's posted on our website.

Archival- The archive committee has been researching the best software for storing the catalog database of the LSP archives in order to make items viewable online from anywhere. Steve Isakson has spent many hours this month testing a shareware database software but ultimately, we decided this will not work for us. Instead we have chosen a subscription database software which is customizing its product to fit how we’d like the database to be organized. We should be able to move ahead with the actual cataloging of items in the next month.

Outreach- Meet-Up Events

Marcy and the Meet Ups team decided to cancel the April event, along with the many cancellations.

Dates are scheduled for two more events.

June 3rd - The Old Plank, new Tex-Mex bar/restaurant in the former Parts & Labor space.

Oct 14th - The Bob Inn, a piece of history in the neighborhood since 1945.

The Meet Ups team is also hoping to plan a joint event with LSP / Logan Square northeast and Avondale neighbors. The event is intended to build a relationship, as well as strengthen the Avondale neighbor’s knowledge and involvement as development increases along the eastern part of Diversey Ave.


The Spring edition is already in the works! Leslie, our Newsletter Editor has decided with the team that it will be online-only since most locations for print distribution are likely to be closed.

The newsletter is also planning to work with Andrew on a statement and potential ways we can help support local businesses that have been affected. They intend to coordinate around existing efforts, including any plans by the Logan Chamber of Commerce and the Alderman in each ward. Stay tuned for announcements and details on LSP’s web site (www.logansquarepreservation.org).


After hearing many comments at the Logan Square Arts Fest similar to “Where’s the Art?" Josh Gartler and myself (Steve I) are interested in working with the ‘Fest organizers to provide a few lower or fully-sponsored booths for local artists. If you have contacts with local artists that may be interested, please contact Steve Isakson (steve.isakson@logansquarepreservation.org) or Josh Gartler (josh.g@logansquarepreservation.org).

Steve Isakson, O/E/F Committee Chair

Membership-there were 16 new/renewing members in the past month. No events are planned for the next month.