Logan Square Preservation

Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2020 via ZOOM


The June 18, 2020 meeting of Logan Square Preservation was convened via ZOOM Video Conference at 7:05 pm. 42 members participated in all or part of the meeting. Ron Kaminecki hosted the meeting with President Andrew Schneider presiding.

A new meeting format was announced which would present business reports first and then allow for questions and discussion afterwards. The minutes of the May meeting were approved (Josh/Bruce).


  1. Self guided tour-Michelle Warner discussed plans for the self guided tour which will be conducted this year in lieu of the cancelled House walk. Some fundraising will be attempted and volunteers are needed for research purposes.
  2. Grace Furniture-The project is officially moving forward, the landmark commission approved the designs with some changes. The project will be a hotel with a banquet facility.
  3. Presidents Report-Verizon is proposing to erect/construct cell towers at two locations on Logan Boulevard. LSP is opposed to this and urges members to write and oppose this project. More details will follow on actions needed. The façade for the Grace Church is being rebuilt and work is progressing. Betsy has been inspecting and caring for trees. A “shared street” initiative has been discussed that would involve varied use of the service drives on Logan with the goal of calming traffic. Extension of the boulevard landmark district to North Avenue is moving forward but needs approval from the immediate neighbors which has been made difficult to obtain due to the Covid 19 issue preventing direct contact.
  4. Treasurers Report-there has been very little activity to report, a payout from the grace church fund was made, fundraising is lacking this year due to Covid 19 but the budget forecast is OK through 2020.

Committee Reports

Outreach-Steve discussed the revisions to the website with more still to come, volunteers are adding content and shared some of the new pages to membership. The next newsletter is TBA

Beautification-Betsy and the tree watering team need volunteers, please text 773.384.5888

P&R (zoning)-Kate Paris discussed that 2901 Milwaukee will be the topic of a public meeting at some point, the recently adopted P&R principles, updates to the zoning website and a potential public meeting for the ongoing project at Diversey/Mozart.

Archival-Matt gave a sneak peek to the online catalog being worked on and the extensive work being done by the archive team Marcy, Kate and the archivist.

Old Business-Mostly a discussion and Q&A on the above agenda items, Elizabeth explained some facts about the cell towers, the P&R principles will be emailed to members

The meeting was adjourned at 8:26pm (Shana/Jill)