Logan Square Preservation

Meeting Minutes

July 16, 2020 via ZOOM


The July meeting of Logan Square Preservation (LSP) was called to order 7/16 @7:06pm by President Andrew Schneider via Zoom videoconference. 29 members attended all or part of the meeting. The minutes from June were approved (m-Bruce/2-Michelle).



  1. The self guided tour plans were discussed. A guide will be distributed to all members at no cost. Non members will be asked to join or make a donation and while ad sales will make up some of the cost, additional donations to defray expenses will be appreciated. Volunteers are still being sought to assist with research and those members without email are asked to contact LSP to receive a tour booklet.
  2. Bylaw changes-Some of the proposed changes to the existing bylaws were discussed. Most proposed changes are minor and open for discussion prior to adoption.
  3. Presidents Report-
  1. Grace Church-the 1st phase is finished, the Wrightwood masonry has been rebuilt, no update as yet on the Park District component.
  2. Square Lighting-CDOT is working on lighting in the square, the cat tail lights have been approved for part of the square and the monument will be lit. the project is funded and will start in 2021 and be completed in 18 months
  1. Treasurers Report-as displayed at the meeting. The Grace Church funds are kept separate from LSP funds as they are dedicated by a donor for that specific purpose.
  2. Beautification Committee-a potential magnolia planting may happen in the fall on Humboldt boulevard
  3. Preservation & Restoration Committee-Several current issues were discussed.
  1. Verizon Cell towers on Logan-our campaign against them was a success, 325 emails were sent by residents.
  2. 2901 Milwaukee-still in discussion, a public meeting has been ordered
  3. Diversey/Mozart-a public meeting has been ordered
  4. 3520 Diversey-a meeting may occur 7/28. A liquor license was approved with caveat of no transfer
  5. 3027 Logan project-no new updates yet
  6. Chair Kate Paris will be on maternity leave, co chair Bruce Anderson will preside in her absence
  1. Archive Committee-Matt did a “show and tell” with some recently acquired artifacts, discussed catalog updates and our new online catalog system. Hub.catalogit.app/2670/folder
  2. Old Business/Discussions
  1. the Pipeworks project was mentioned but LSP is not involved in it and no updates were available.
  2. The magnolia planting will likely be contracted out.
  3. 2901 Milwaukee-what are the issues? The 4 story proposal is too dense
  4. Membership committee-what is happening there? A membership drive may be needed due to the pandemic.
  5. Gas Meters in front of buildings-why and how to stop this practice


The meeting was adjourned at 8:01 (m-Paddy/2-Josh)