Logan Square Preservation

Membership Meeting Minutes September 17, 2020


The September meeting of Logan Square Preservation was brought to order at 7:04pm by President Andrew Schneider. 43 members attended all or part of the zoom meeting.

The August meeting minutes were approved with 2 clarifications (Frank/2-Peter).

Meeting Topics

  1. Pillars & Porticos Virtual Tour-the tour guide including at least 100 pages and 22 sites will be delivered online at no cost to the public but a membership drive will hopefully gain new members as a result.
  2. Bylaws-The bylaws have been adopted by the board and will be posted online. A file is also available via email upon request.

Presidents Report

  1. Grace Church Project-is moving ahead with work on the gymnasium, moving into phase 2
  2. Square Redesign-details are being worked out with lighting of the monument, light posts,etc. the lighting will ideally resemble what was there 100 years ago.

Treasurers Report-Bruce explained what the easement fund was and generally how fund transfers work.

Committee Reports

Beautification-working on designs for a sign at the boys/girls club garden, neighborspace taking control/ownership of the garden despite the building itself being sold (the building is on the tour). Fall tree planting is also being worked on.

Zoning-Congratulations to Kate Paris who had a baby in August. Bruce reported there was a flurry of activity including proposals of dispensaries at 3335 Fullerton and 2551 Milwaukee, a church development at Mozart/Palmer. Other ongoing projects were touched on but little progress is being made on any due to the pandemic. The 3027 Logan proposal has been deferred until public meetings can be held.

Archival-350 items are now on catalogit, a few new items have been obtained.

Outreach-The tour was discussed, the online store is moving to logansquare.store

Comfort Station-Sara updated on activities and an art auction to be held.

Old/New Business-discussions included vandalism of the monument and the Ferguson Fund, Grant proposal application denied and strategy moving forward, 3027 Logan, diversity (or lack of ) in comfort station programming. A list of repair needs is being developed for the comfort station.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:11 (Peter/2-Michelle)